We help retailers access new revenue streams for their digital signage network without paying middlemen using a private and fully automated sales solution.

Updated Q3 2021

As a retail executive, your main goal is to increase your EBIT. This should also apply to your digital signage network.

Of the three principal use cases of their digital signage, most retailers only use their screens as a marketing tool and fail to capitalize on the more lucrative options.

  1. Marketing initiatives to increase sales
  2. Sell professional media products to suppliers
  3. Attract third party advertisers

Indy Transforms you into a Retail Media Owner

  • Your screens are strategically important media real estate.
  • Generate value by offering your suppliers an opportunity to advertise directly to your customers.
  • Leverage your retail media performance in supplier service packages. 
  • Cut out unnecessary middlemen by granting direct access to selected advertisers and suppliers.
  • Use sales houses or media agencies to generate third party advertising revenues.

Apply for our pilot program: 3 months free on any contract signed before 31.12.2021


Adtrac Indy empowers retailers to generate additional revenue and decrease costs by turning their screens into sellable retail media assets without paying commissions to middlemen.




Retailers stand at the crossroads of key converging trends that place them in an advantageous position to leverage their digital signage screens for more advertising revenue than ever before. To understand these key developments, we must look outside the immediate retail environment and at the advertising market as a whole. Only then can the specific strategic advantages of retailers as important players in advertising be fully understood.

More of that in our Digital OOH Playbook.



Full Control

Indy allows you to maintain full control over every video coming in to your network. At the same time your marketing team can work undisturbed and secure in the knowledge that Indy will never overbook or exceed allowed advertising space.

Media Budget

More turnover, less work

Indy is fully automated and eliminates most sources of human error. No excel, no emails. You can focus on generating value for your advertisers. Indy even exports billing information directly to your financial tools.


Data and Knowledge

Ask about our big data AI-approach and increase the attractiveness of your offering by adding sensors to your screens and turn them into Smart Digital Signage. We will help you get the most out of your offer with predictive planning and deep data insights.